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Final Program

VIRTUAL LYON WRIST 2021, Fractures, Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty

International Advanced Wrist Course Monday, October 18th, 2021

Course Directors: G Herzberg, M Burnier (I-Trues, Lyon, France)


10 20 Introduction: G Herzberg, M Burnier (Lyon, France)



10 30 Biplane radiography for 3D reconstruction of the wrist. Loisel F (Besancon-France)

10 40 New Arthroscopic Description & Classification of TFCC Injuries G Herzberg, M Burnier (Lyon, France)

10 50 Partial tears of the deep TFCC. Rizzo C (Lyon, France)

11 00 Modified arthroscopic repair tech. for chronic TFCC injury 1 Y.- Fujio K (Osaka, Japan)

11 10 My preferred technique for TFCC foveal repair LIU B (Beijing, China)

11 20 My preferred technique for TFCC repair. Atzei A (Treviso, Italy)

11 30 My preferred technique for reconstruction. Nakamura T (Tokyo, Japan)

11 40 TFCC injury in the paediatric and adolescent population. Ho PC (Hong Kong, China)

11 50 Revision of Failed TFCC repair. Wagner E (Atlanta, USA)


12 00 Clinical cases: Atzei - Fujio - Ho - Loisel - Nakamura - Rizzo C - Wagner


12 20 Industry Session (Flyers, Technical Demos)



12 30 Deliberate practice: new method to teach DRF Fixation. Liverneaux (Strasbourg, France)

12 40 Volar rim fragment in DRF: Why is it so important. Koo J (Hong Kong, China)

12 50 Arthroscopic Management of Volar Rim Fracture. G Herzberg, M Burnier, L LY (Lyon, France)

13 00 Articular DRF with distal fracture line in young active individuals. Rizzo M (Mayo Clinic, Rochester USA)

13 10 Articular DRF with distal fracture line in elderly individuals. Arora R (Innsbruck, Austria)

13 20 Carpal Malalignment after distal radius fractures. Fok M (Hong Kong, China)

13 30 Custom Solutions for SLD: 1.5 year results of ANAFAB for DISI.” Wolfe SW (New York USA)

13 40 Management of Scaphoid Malunion. Erhard L (Villeurbanne, France)

13 50 Computer assisted arthroscopic correction of scaphoid malunion. Mak M (Hong Kong, China)


14 00 Clinical cases: Arora - Erhard - Fok - Koo - Liverneaux - Mak - Rizzo M - Wolfe


14 20 Industry Session (Flyers , Technical Demos)



14 40 My preferred technique for scaphoid nonunion Chen SL (Beijing, China)

14 50 3D printing-assisted scaphoid percutaneous fixation technique (Shanghai, China)

15 00 Robot-assisted fixation for scaphoid fracture/fracture-dislocation (Beijing, China)

15 10 Arthroscopic treatment of translunate arc perilunate injury. Chow E (Hong Kong, China)

15 20 Reverse Perilunate: the Extended Scaphoid Sign. G Herzberg, M Burnier, T Druel (Lyon, France)

15 30 Spiral Reconstruction for SLD. Atzei A (Treviso, Italy)


15 40 Clinical Cases: Atzei - Chen - Chow - Liu - Xu


16 00 Industry Session (Flyers , Technical Demos)



16 20 Usefulness of volar portals in paliative procedures, Corella F (Madrid, Spain)

16 30 Complications of Arthroscopic Partial Carpal fusion. Baur E (Murnau, Germany)

16 40 Distal radius malunion/nonunion: Osteotomy vs Salvage TWA. Wagner E (Atlanta, USA)

16 50 Combined Radio-carpal and DRUJ arthroplasties for traumatic OA. Coert H (Utrecht, Netherlands)

17 00 Management of Complications of Wrist salvage procedures. Boeckstyns M (Copenhagen, Denmark)

17 10 KinematX Midcarpal Total Wrist Arthroplasty: A Preliminary Report. Wolfe SW (New York USA)


17 20 Clinical cases: Baur - Boeckstyns - Coert - Corella - Wagner - Wolfe


17 40 Closing Remarks: G Herzberg, M Burnier (Lyon, France)





VIRTUAL LYON ELBOW 2021, Fractures, Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty International Advanced

Elbow Course Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Course Directors: M Burnier, G Herzberg (I-Trues, Lyon, France)


Introduction: M Burnier, G Herzberg (Lyon, France)



11 00 Wrightington Comprehensive Classification of elbow Fx dislocation. Watts A (Wrightington, UK)

11 10 Long Y Plate for Distal Humeral Fractures. M Burnier, T Druel, G Herzberg (Lyon, France)

11 20 Hemiarthroplasty for Distal Humerus Fractures in the Elderly. Watts A (Wrightington, UK)

11 30 TEA for fracture: Surgical Technique. Mansat P (Toulouse, France)

11 40 ORIF or TEA for Distal Humerus Fractures in Elderly. G Herzberg, T Galissard, M Burnier (Lyon, France)

11 50 Olecranon ORIF: tension band vs plate fixation. Wagner E (Atlanta, GA, USA)

112 00 Postaumatic arthritis secondary to Proximal ulna fracture. Obert L (Besancon, France)


12 10 Clinical Cases: Mansat - Obert - Wagner - Watts


12 30 Industry Session (Flyers , Technical Demos)



12 50 My management of lateral epicondylitis. Arrigoni P (Milano, Italy)

13 00 Ultrasonographic percutaneous tenotomy for recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis. Carlier Y (Bordeaux, France)

13 10 Arthroscopic Lateral Epicondylitis Release: Indications and Technique. Field LD (Jackson, MS, USA)

13 20 Anatomy of the lateral elbow compartment. G Herzberg, M Burnier (Lyon, France)

13 30 Pathogenesis and clinical presentations of Posterolateral Instabilty. Wong C (Hong Kong, China)

13 40 Arthroscopic evaluation and treatment of elbow instability. Van Riet R (Antwerp, Belgium)

13 50 My Management of Posterolateral Rotatory Instability. Field LD (Jackson, MS, USA)


14 00 Clinical Cases: Arrigoni - Carlier - Field - Van Riet - Wong


14 20 Industry Session (Flyers , Technical Demos




14 40 Open Release for Stiff Elbow: technique and results. Mansat P (Toulouse, France)

14 50 Arthroscopic Osteocapsular Remedies. Gottschalk MB (Atlanta, GA, USA)

15 00 My Arthroscopic management of stiff elbow without arthritis. Savoie FH (New Orleans LA, USA)

15 10 Heterotopic ossification and the stiff elbow. Wright TW (Gainsville, FL, USA)

15 20 My Arthroscopic management of elbow OA in a young patient. Savoie FH (New Orleans LA, USA)

15 30 Resurfacing arthroplasty to treat elbow arthritis in patient under 60. Obert L (Besancon, France)

15 40 Role of total elbow arthroplasty in the treatment of the stiff elbow? Van Riet R (Antwerp, Belgium)

15 50 Revision Total Elbow Arthroplasty. Wagner E (Atlanta, GA, USA) .


16 00 Clinical Cases: Gottschalk - Mansat - Obert - Savoie - Van Riet - Wagner - Wright


16 20 Closing Remarks: M Burnier, G Herzberg (Lyon, France